Design and Layout Service
We provide a design service based on input from you:-
(i) a floor plan of your premises
(ii) a basic definition of your needs in terms of number of people and their minimum requirements:- in other words, a preliminary shopping list.

Many people underestimate the space required for moving around their office area and for comfortable seating. Also storage options very considerably, and it is important to get the right mix of storage products for your needs. We can give you several options and make optimal use of your space.

Call Centre Furniture Design Service
Call centres are special office areas that require special features. Many of our desk and screen products can be adapted to call centre situations. In addition, there are specific desk and screen products and layout options for open plan office areas being converted to call centres. Send us your floor plan, and we will outline some possibilities for you as part of our design service.

Design Service:
Multi Purpose Board Room, Conference and Training Setups
Rents are high these days, and most companies need to optimise the use of their space and office furniture in their current competitive environment. We can recommend the most suitable furniture and configurations to ensure multi-purpose use of your space for board meetings, conferences, staff and client meetings, training and entertainment. Have a look at our setups for wave desks, boomerang desks and trapezium tables. We can customise furniture for multiple use to optimise the use of your available space.

Reupholstery Service:
Your chairs may still have some useful life left in them, but the fabric is worn out or you want to give your office a lift with a new fabric. We offer a new service where we can discuss fabric possibilities with you, pick up your old chairs, have them reupholstered and returned to you. Visit our showroom to see the latest fabrics as well as the proven performers. Reupholstering is the way to go for your favourite chairs or where your budget does not permit new chairs.